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After 14 years of brilliant work

Dear AIMs Artists, Staff, Volunteers, Supporters and Trustees,

I hope you will celebrate with me many, many years of staging some of Worcestershire’s most thought provoking, professional and inspiring exhibitions, and all the years of creativity, support, friendship and love that will remain amongst us.

These are difficult times for many organisations who are experiencing cuts in funding and resources and we are no exception; but we are, and always will, be an exceptional group of like-minded people and I hope, like me, you feel proud of all that we have achieved together.

Jayne Gaze

Jayne Gaze at the Worcester Arts Workshop where we’ve held many of our recent exhibitions, in 2013.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Founder Member Rob Evans, Velma Johnson, Team Leader at Shrub Hill Workshop, Amanda Morse-Brown and Claire Hilton, all our wonderful volunteers who over the years contributed in too many different ways to mention, our Sponsors, Funders and Trustees; but most of all we would like to thank you, AIMs’ members and artists, for your courage, your talent, for sharing your inspiring artwork and stories and wish you continued good luck with your creative journeys.

“‘A candle loses none of its light, by lighting another candle.’”
Jayne Gaze – Our founder and Trustee board member.

No one will be in the office after the end of March, so unfortunately we will not be able to field any questions or queries, for which we apologise. This is due to circumstances outside our control. The Facebook page and the website will continue, with no current end date, but – again – no replies will be sent to queries.

Cheers to AIMs!

Although this is a sad time – with AIMs having to close because of lack of ongoing support and funding – we can also look back at all the great things we’ve achieved, and all the help and support we’ve provided over many years to enable people to fulfil their wishes to be artists and create great works. We’ve had a fine innings, and the end of AIMs does not mean the end of creativity and exhibitions for artists in Worcestershire. Here is a reminder of some of the best that we have achieved over the years.


“AIMs has been good for us all [and] gives us confidence for the days ahead.” Steven Jew.


This post may be updated with some additional photos, memories and info in the near future. If you have any memories or comments you’d like to share then please feel free to leave a comment below.


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